Things To Know


 Prepare yourselves physically. Fasting can actually be a cleansing opportunity for the body, but you don’t want to make yourself sick. Make sure you eat a good balanced meal when you’re fast is finished for that day.

 Limit your fast appropriately. Key to Heaven’s Fasting time is from midnight until 6 pm the next day. But however, due to physical and medical conditions, time can vary. Remember that your fast should be a good experience, not a dangerous one.

 Make the fast an opportunity to increase your spiritual life. Set aside time to study scriptures and mediate on the Word of God.

 Pray before, during and after your daily fast. Pray with purpose, expressing gratitude and articulating both your needs and the needs of other. Also remember to pause to reflect and mediate on your prayer.

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Notes To Remember As You Fast

 Drink plenty of water throughout the day while you are on your fast. (This is very important!)

 You may experience headaches the first day or two as your body regulates to this change (if you are fasting from food).

 Mints & gum help breath you may want to keep them available.

 This is a fast so use this time to read the WORD and listen to worship music, Christian broadcastings, teaching CDs or Videos. Surround yourself with sources that can strengthen your spirit and assemble with the saints for added support & strength.

 Those with a medical condition related to eating or is under the treatment of a physician must consult their doctor prior to beginning the fast, or you may fast from something other than food (e.g. T.V, Face book, Computer, video games, cell phone). Whatever you choose, please be consistent with it. This is not unto man, but unto God who sees all! (Proverbs 15:3- The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.)

 Fasting is usually done individually, however we have set this time aside for a corporate fast as a congregation. Please take this time to not only build yourself up, but support your fellow brothers and sisters as well. Encouraging words, deeds and prayers are needed sources of uplifting. Emails and postings on social media will be done daily, if you are not fasting from social media; please use this time to elaborate on the scriptures or give encouragement. You may feel your words don’t matter, but they do. You may be the one to encourage someone to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!