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Thank- You

New York City, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Illinois

Pastor Braswell and myself pray that God will bless each one of you as much as you’ve been a great blessing to this Ministry. We thank God for your great gifts and how you share it so freely with so many people. Our prayer is that God continues to touch each one of you in a very special way.

Evangelist Joan Davis
Evangelist Beverly Burrell
Sister Beulah Vernon-Torbit
Brother Vernon Davis
Sister Phobia McFarlane
Elect Lady Gwenevere Rush
Sister Rachel James
1st Lady Shelia Branch
Sister Sarah Braswell
Brother Vicent Riddick
Sister June Stephenson
Sister Chinetha Gary
Missionary Diane Bryant
Sister Brianna Stutts
Sister Kimberly Snow
Sister Octavia Hibbert
Sister Bridgette Duncan
Deacon Prentis Braswell
Sister Starla Williams
Sister Karen Tribble
Pastor Lashawndra Murphy
Minister Jacqueline Braithwaite
Sister Robin Jean-Francois
Sister Laniesha Holister
Pastor Kingsley McFarlane
Pastor Steven Braithwaite
Apostle Pastor Judy Neal
M.I.T. Geraldine McClary
Minister Winston Stephenson
Pastor Patrice Jones
Minister Norma McFarlane
Sister Shaquann Braswell
Pastor Lamont Holifield
M.I.T. Naquan Braswell
Elder Claude Jean-Francois
1st Lady Lolita Hoskins
Sister Linda Lemons
Trustee Kelvin Dunn
Sister Laura Ellison
Sister Angela Stutts
Brother Tony Stutts
Sister Audrey Fleming
Sister Shaneek Dunn
Evangelist Ethelyn McFarlane
Sister Cassandra Stutts
Brother Davon Raspberry
Sister Shatience Bank-Florian
Sister Rhonda Cunningham
Evangelist Ethelyn McFarlane
Deaconess Leola Wilson
Sister Shantience Bank-Florian
Sister Percilla Wilson
Sister Grace White
Sister Bobby Campbell
Brother Gregory
Evangelist Priscilla Grant

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