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Dig Until You Reach Your Blessing

2 Kings 3:11-17
Key Verse: 3:16

When we are faced with dire situations and there hasn’t been any preparations made, we are lost

If we could only learn that in spite of everything, preparation must be at the top of our agenda

If preparation would have been done, we probably wouldn’t be in the situation that we are in

This becomes a lesson for us because if you didn’t prepare before now, you are in trouble ØNo preparation was put in place to receive the blessing that God had in store for you

When you are determined, no matter what you see, you will continue to dig until you receive your blessing

There are some dry areas in our life that need some digging

Sometimes even though you make a turn for the better, if you don’t release everything around you that is evil, you are in just as much as the next person.

One of the things you have to understand is that God has a way of directing you onto a certain path. You have to get to a point to realize that if God said for you to go this way, this is the way that you have to go don’t care what you think.

I care about what God thinks.

If you seek the Lord, regardless of how bad your situation is, God will answer. All you have to do is believe it and start digging

Too many of us are missing our blessings because we stopped digging

When you are working and digging, you will run into some rocks along the way

When you are digging for your blessing you must get away from the murmuring associations

If you seek God, He will lead you to your blessings

Judges 1:1-2

If you start to seek the Lord while you are digging, God will give you the answer

If you send up the praise first, regardless of what the situation might be, victory will be yours ØWhen you are digging, regardless of who is around you, they will have favor because you are looking towards God and is doing His work.

God will show favor on you in the midst of your trials ØI’m going to keep digging until I reach my blessing

Psalms 15:2

Favor is not fair, but thank God that it is on my life. That is why I am going to keep on digging until I get my blessing

When you are digging for your blessing, you will be tested because your blessing is in the test

You are going to see somethings or experience some things that you’ve never seen before. However, God gave you His word, so you need to trust Him and keep on digging to get the victory

Joshua 6:3

We have some walls in our lives but we haven’t dug deep enough for the walls to come down

If you are ready for the walls to come down, get your shovel (prayer and praise) and start digging