Speaker Lady Linda Braswell

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Her message was from 2nd Timothy 1:5.

Her message was entitled “Mamma, I Got It

Timothy means “God’s fear”

Grandparents play an important role in a child’s life. They help the parents raise the child to become the person they are today.

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Parent should raise their child, reminding them of what God has done for them and how good God is

2nd Timothy 2:15

You have to study the word of God to show yourself approved

The job that a mother and a grandmother does is important because you have the job of teaching your child about God. With this, your reputation will start to precede you

What you put in your child, it will remain their entire life. They won’t lose it

2nd Timothy 3:4-5

Children, don’t forget the things your mother and your grandmother taught you because it will help you rightly divide the word of truth and minister unto other people

The foundation of a child is important because it stays with them forever vWomen are special because God entrusted you with His most precious being: other people. He has enabled women to carry and care for children and that is an honor in itself.

Mothers and grandmothers have to create the different between play time and God’s time

Babies hear in the womb. Teach your baby the word because they can hear

Women, ask yourself, “God did I do the job that you wanted me to do with this child?”

Mothers, have you left a blueprint that your children can follow in the way of God?

Mothers, you have to lead by example because you don’t know who you are raising.

We can teach our children how to cook and clean, but these things will pass, but God’s word will remain forever

Sometimes the only way children will know about Christ is from their grandparents, which is why they are just as important as a parent.

Mothers won’t live forever, but their legacy will be their children When mothers and grandmothers lead right, God will bless you and it’ll spill over onto our children and our children’s children Sometimes, the blessings that we receive weren’t because of what we did but because of what our ancestors did

Mothers should leave a big legacy

Even if you haven’t done what you were supposed to do, it’s okay because you can start now. It isn’t too late. God gave you a second chance and you must take it

The children aren’t just fighting the earthly things but the principalities of the air as well. We need to keep them protected in the blood of Jesus

Favor will shine on these kids when you do your job right

Men can make a beautiful house, but a women makes the house a home

Ladies, you can do this by yourself. You can do it.

It isn’t too late for you to start letting your children know about God

Happy Mother’s Day!