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Resurrection Sunday , April12, 2020

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Because He Lives, I Can Live Also.”

Luke 24: 1-11. The key verse came from Luke 24:6.

This is a day of rejoicing, of celebration

We should be ecstatic because this is the day that He has made and we will rejoice in it

The story of Jesus’ resurrection was the best news ever told.

Last week, we celebrated Palm Sunday, which was the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey

We can live because Jesus lives

After the crucifixion, only the women went down to the grave. They had prepared spices, going to do a work for God, only to find out that the stone had been rolled away.

The stone had to be moved in order for the Resurrection to take place.

The stone is symbolic to the obstacles in our lives today and because Jesus got up out of the grave, and you believed, every stone in your life will be rolled away because of God.

Because Jesus lives, there is no reason for us to be afraid. This is Resurrection Sunday and so we can’t live in fear, when Jesus lives.

Because He lives, we can live to see tomorrow. Because He lives, I can live

Isaiah 40:4

By the stone being rolled away, no valley or no mountain can keep us from God, through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

After the last saying, Jesus’ spirit returned unto God and His body was taken to the grave

God’s word is sure. If God said it, it has to happen.

Revelation 1:17-18

Jesus is the first and the last. He is alpha and omega and because He lives, everyone that believes in Him can also live.

It is our job today to share the good news of Jesus Christ and the good news of His resurrection.

There is hope because He lives and because He lives, we can face tomorrow

It hurts when people have been with you, seeing all the miracles that Jesus performed and still not believe.

Do not doubt the Resurrection. Do not doubt that God got out of the grave. It is not by chance that the women went down to the grave to dress Jesus’ body

Jesus walked with them for 40 days until the comforter came

You can live because Jesus live.

Because You live God, I am able to live today. I am able to talk, walk, and move and because of this, I’ll tell it everywhere I go

Before Jesus got up, He held a revival, preaching to all of the believers because all power in heaven and in earth is in His hands.

Jesus has ALL power in His hands.

If you were spiritually dead, you can live now because Jesus lives and He will continue to live for evermore

The folded napkin, recorded in John 20:7, shows that Jesus was coming back, and He will

He would have never got up, if we was not coming back John 3:16

Galatians 2:20

Every old man in our lives have been crucified and a new man, living the life for God, will continue to live

Jesus rode into Jerusalem last week, but the victory took place today.

There is hope in Jesus Christ. There is life in Jesus Christ and because of that, I can live

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