The Key to Heaven Bible Institute had it beginning in 1982 under the guidance and leadership of the Late Reverend James William McClary, who at the time successfully completed his theological studies at the Manhattan Bible Institute.

Reverend McClary had a tremendous passion for God’s Word coupled with a love for God’s people. He had a contagious spirit of generosity that flowed through every facet of his ministry. Having received his mandate  from God. Reverend McClary along with his friend Reverend Alfred Boswer planned a systematic Bible Study. Which  soon gave birth to the Key to Heaven Bible Institute Certificate Program.

Reverend McClary built the Key To Heven Bible Institute on being devoted and committed to one central principle, which was and is to build, develop and empower people for the kingdom of God . Holding firmly to the commission mandated in Matthew 28:20

” Go ye therefore and teach all nations

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