Greeting from Pastor



Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;
This is my fifth year as Pastor of Key to Heaven Tabernacle Church. I am looking forward to making this journey with my brothers and sisters on our 50-Day Pentecost Consecration.

I believe hearing God’s voice and receiving direction are preeminent. We all need wisdom and direction, and fasting is a biblical way to seek God.

As we enter this season of prayer and fasting, I’m asking God to remove any barriers in our lives that may distract us from truly experiencing His presence; knowing he can and will do for us what no other can do.

In fasting, we can loose yokes and break sin patterns in our lives.

Fasting is sowing to your spirit. When you fast, you’re saying, “Flesh, you’re not the boss.”

During this time let us go to God and ask him what kind of fast he’s calling us on. God may be calling you to fast just one meal. In Daniel, he fasted everything but vegetables. Or you might fast media. By seeking God, we will see breakthrough and understand the direction we should go.

Family you can also subscribe to our Consecration page on Facebook and receive daily scripture and prayer. This is a great opportunity for us to partner in a global prayer effort.

My fervent prayer is for all of us to experience a renewed intimacy with our Savior.

How can we ever be the same when we walk closely with the Lord?


Thank you so much for your commitment to the “50 Days of Prayer and Fasting.”


Pastor Braswell