Greeting from Pastor

Blessings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! 

 It is with joy and gratitude that as Pastor of Key to Heaven Tabernacle I welcome you as we prepare for our seventh year Pentecostal Celebration. I am looking forward to spending countless hours with you via social media and in our edifice giving thanks to God for sending the promise.

 For this wonderful and glorious Pentecostal Celebration will begin 12am, on April 21, 2019 and conclude on June 9,2019 at 12am

 Pentecost is the celebration that lasts for seven weeks (50 days) after Easter Sunday. During these 50-days we must consecrate ourselves with prayer and fasting, which is essential for us and necessary where God is taking us in his services.

 Our core focus during these fifty days is a new out pouring of God’s in Spirit. We want to experience a pure worship. This entails having a closer and deeper relationship with Him. Through praise, prayer, meditation and study of God’s Word, we are expecting unique experience.

God wants nothing more than a closer connection with us, and through fasting we can quench that new desire for more of Him.  When you have finished your fast, you will find yourself renewed, your body will be detoxed, you will be more committed to God purpose in your life and a renewed sensitivity to God’s still small voice. Most of all you a greater anointing is waiting for you

To all my co-laborers in the gospel, I thank you for participating with Key to Heaven Tabernacle. We are grateful for your partnership, friendship, daily scripture and prayer. As Senior Pastor of Key to Heaven Tabernacle I will continue to pray for your success as ambassador of Jesus Christ with favor being upon you, your family and your church.

Senior-Pastor Nathaniel Braswell

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