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It’s No Time To Quit. Keep Running, Keep Moving.

Hebrews 12:1-3

We need encouragement like never before and the only thing that can give us this, is the word of God, especially in the book of Hebrews

The heroes of faith is the account given of the old patriots, of the saints that have gone on to be with the Lord. This lets us know that if we don’t stop, if we keep going, we can be with those heroes that are in the sky

We cannot allow any hindrance to come up and stop us from moving forward because we are on a mission for God and that mission is us being in this race that God has set before us

Hindrance is a prevention, impeding, stopping force. We can’t let anything or anyone stop us from completing the race that God has set before us

We can make it if we just don’t quit. There is no time for us to quit. It is tough right now, but we can’t stop in the middle of the race’

This is just the beginning.

Anything that is in your way, you have to remove it. Anything that is not like God is going to stop you from completing the task that God has instructed you to do

Isaiah 57:14

The enemy will place things in our way to stop the people of God from moving forward

Whatever it is, it cannot allow you to quit or stop. We have to keep going forward. Keep moving

This is not a time to have any “quit” in our spirit. Be determined to move forward no matter what.

Not only am I going to remove all stumbling blocks in my way

Any race, there is something that you are running for. You are running for a goal, something to receive at the end

Philippians 3:14

We have to press forward to reach the high prize that Jesus has for us

Pressing means that there is a determination in you and that determination will keep pushing you, not letting you stop


There is no time to quit, we have to keep moving forward. Jesus could have quit at any time He wanted, but He never did. He finished His mission, so should we. If He didn’t quit, neither can we

We can’t stand still and feel sorry for ourselves.

We can’t stand still and let the work of God drown

Due to those that have already gone on, we can have that same life and that encouragement that let’s us know that we are going on

It is easy to stop and go back, but I refuse to go back. I am never going back.

Whatever the devil brings, bring it on because I am moving forward

This race is compared to our Christian life and in any race, you have to enter the race. You can stand on the sideline all you want, and if you are on the sideline, you are never actually in the race.

Once you’ve entered the race you have to strip off everything that is weighing you down because you can’t run with baggage

In this race, you don’t know how long you have to run but the lighter you are, the longer you can run. Some of us can’t run like we used to because we’ve been burned with the baggage that we carried over the years

If you are too heavy, you won’t be able to move and once you stop moving, it is easy for the devil to put hindrances in you way. One stumbling block after the other.

Any stumbling block that the devil puts in my way, I am leaping over. Don’t stop and pay attention to the blocks that the devil puts in your way

Blessed are ye that are persecuted for my sake and for righteousness’ sake. This won’t stop me. It won’t hinder me.

We have some work to do and we have to keep moving

This block is a tough one that we are facing, but the work that we are doing, it can’t stop. We have to go forward with the task handed to us

I’m ready to drive through any storm that the devil might bring.

As long as I go forward and not reverse, everything will be alright

It is no time to quit. We have to keep pressing forward

2 timothy 4:7-8

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