Sunday, June 2,2019 Meditation Thought

43rd Day of Meditation Thought by Lady Linda Braswell

Paul is letting us know that words do matter, to all Christians. But,
Paul’s point is that when God is truly present in our lives when we are living under God’s sovereignty, then we will experience God’s power.
So it is today. We who follow Jesus are to be his witnesses, telling others what he has done for us. This message will not be persuasive unless it is backed up by evidence of God’s power. If people see God at work in and through us, if they sense his presence in our compassion, our prayers, and our communities, then they will be open to hearing what we have to say about Jesus

Sunday, June 2, 2019, Daily Prayer

43rd Day of Daily Prayer by Lady Linda Braswell

Dear Lord,
This morning I come with praise in my mouth. Because you are marvelous. Father, we thank you for the words that Paul wrote in your holy bible. Knowing that words do matter because truth comes packaged in words, and your truth is essential for everlasting life. Father, help me to get the words right. But also, Lord, help me to live the words. As I offer my life to you, may you be at Father all praise be to you, God of truth, God of power, King of kings and Lord of lords? Amen.