Tuesday, May 21, 2019 Daily Prayer

31st Day Prayer By:Evangelist Priscilla Grant


Heavenly Father, we bless your name. Father you are an awesome God. Father we thank you for being such a loving God. We come today to say thank you for redeeming and reconciling us back to you. Father God you said in your word that we are full of power through the your Holy Spirit. You have called us to to cry loud, spare not and don’t hold back but, to lift our voices like a trumpet and to tell your people about their sins. Father because of your power we can proclaim your name and for this we are forever thankful. In Jesus name, Amen

Wednesday, May 22,2019 Mediation Thought

32nd Day of Mediation Thought by: Minister Winston Stevenson

Hebrews 8:6

But now hath he obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises”.

This verse talks about a better covenant, which was established through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The original covenant was not good or strong enough to provide for generations.  That old covenant was the law. The law not only made all subject to condemnation for the guilt of sin, but it was also unable to be permanently removed the guilt. The new covenant is an unconditional covenant of grace. It imputes righteousness where there is none.  This all took place by the blood of Jesus Christ for the full remission of sin that was provided for all who believe. Jesus Christ is the better promise because through Christ we can receive eternal life.

Wednesday,May 22, 2019 Daily Prayer

32nd Day of Daily Prayer by: Minister Winston Stevenson

Dear God, 

We thank you for you are indeed a powerful and loving God. Out of your glorious riches you strengthen us through your Spirit in our inner being. We ask you for the fresh filling of your Holy Spirit, we ask for your power and love to fill us. We thank you that as believers we know that Christ dwells richly within our hearts through faith. We pray that you would strengthen our roots and establish our lives firmly in your love. May our lives be filled with your goodness and power, today and every day, as we walk in your Spirit of love? 

In Jesus’ Name,