Sunday, May 5,2019 Daily Prayer

Prayer By: Sister Shaneek Dunn

Heavenly Father, in the Mighty name of Jesus. I come before you thanking and praising you simply because of who you are. Thank you for allowing us to see another day that was not promised, thank you for keeping us. Lord forgive us of all sin, knowing & unknowingly. Forgive us of anything that will hinder our prayers from being received by you Lord. Grant us traveling mercies as we go throughout this day. Shield us from all danger seen & unseen. Lord I thank you for your word. Thank you for it being a light to our paths. God help us to apply your word to our lives daily. Help us to be mindful and not get caught up with the cares of the world. Continue to lead and guide us, be that gentle reminder helping us along the way. Lord I pray a special covering over our leaders. Grant them strength and endurance for the journey you have set before them. Thank you for the work and word you have given them to help us. Lord touch every person who has taken part in this consecration. Meet their needs according to your will. Heal, deliver and set free in the name of Jesus. I believe, receive it and count in done! Amen!